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Transport of High-value goods

So if you're looking for a company to transport your high value goods, you need the safest pair of hands to protect your cargo. You can rest safe in the knowledge that Shubham Logistics leads the way in this specialist market. Transporting high value goods is not a job for amateurs.
Providing world-class solutions for the transportation of high value goods. Our fleet includes over 103 special secured units. Our dedicated and highly trained staff ensures that your quality goods arrive safely at its destination, by road or rail.
The exact arrival of goods is guaranteed by our high-demanding regulation.
  • Use of hard-box superstructure of any type of trucks
  • Prescribed GPS and other good-tracking devices
  • Transport even with two drivers
  • Convoy transport solutions
  • Armed escort
  • Route planning
  • Use of safety parking places
  • Mechanical security tools
  • In case of demand, ensurance of two drivers for the shortest transit time