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The company conveys a broad spectrum of general and bulk cargoes along the international and inland routes: metal and metal products, construction goods, fertilizers, grain crops, containerized cargo and a number of other unique goods as ship consignments from 1500 to 7000 tons. The shipping company vessels make more than 2500 calls at 300 foreign ports of 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Much of the traffic of the shipping company is effected under long-term contracts. The availability of versatile fleet, depending on the task, makes it possible to offer to a client both a one-time shipment and transportation on the basis of long-term contracts with regard for the specificity of cargo, loading and unloading capacities, local conditions of navigation and characteristics of ports.

The company specialists will provide the optimum routes for you in delivery of goods and will consult you on the choice of the most secure way of transportation and packaging of goods, will assist in organization of cargo handling in ports.